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I've only labeled the things I'm interested in from these sites ^^

*Site relations and contact info*

In order to purchase things or to request faceups or other commission work, please send email to Akiko; the email is valraven @ hotmail . com (no spaces). I can also be messaged on the Den of Angels Boards as Tsuminaki, though I really do prefer email.
Please also contact me if you have any questions or notice a problem with the site -- or if you are interested in hiring me to design or build your own website and would like to see other web work.

Follow me on Instagram as Tsuminaki ^^

Kudakareta Kage Livejournal - personal photo and web log of Akiko, Shyada, Vasnya, Mayu, Shiru, Ama, Dazya, Milka and Blanca

Tsuminaki's ebay auctions

Akiko's personal comics/artbooks/etc. garage sale (on livejournal)

Akiko's personal clothing/accessories/etc. garage sale (on livejournal)

Tsuminaki's feedback page on DOA (must be registered with marketplace access)

We were in the Fall 2007 issue of Fashion Doll Quarterly ("Accessories" issue); check it out if you can ^^

*Favorite Doll Companies and Info*

Dream of Doll

*Favorite Clothing, Wigs, Shoes Sites (may also have dolls)*

Dollheart (clothes, shoes, wigs)
Dollmore (clothes, accessories)
Leekeworld (wigs)
Souldoll (clothes)

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