*NOTICE* - By buying from us you are agreeing to our rules and regulations concerning payment, shipping, refunds and the like, so I would advise you read about these areas carefully.

*Payment and shipping Info*
We take payment primarily by Paypal (balance or CC). If you do not have paypal, we will accept carefully concealed cash (but we are not responsible if this is lost in the mail) or a money order, but we'd rather not have to wait long to complete our transactions. Shipping will be via USPS first class mail, with upgrades where applicable, except for painted doll heads, which will be sent by owner's paid choice of shipping. Please contact us if you would like a specific service for shipping any item; a small extra charge may or may not be required. Basic shipping cost is included in ltd outfits (International orders add a little more).

Unless there are specific circumstances, we ask for all payment in advance for starting commissions. Sorry if you're nervous, but past transactions have secured this policy as best for everyone. If you commission an outfit and cancel after we've already bought fabric and started work, we will retain a $5 cancellation fee, as well as reimbursement for the fabric, if we did not have it in stock. If you cancel after we've already finished the outfit (or are more than 50 percent done), we will retain 30% of the original payment upon refunding, so please make sure you are clear on what you want before buying it.

Layaway might be an option for some higher-priced items (such as OOAK heads) and is decided on a case by case basis. With any layaway, the initial agreed-on deposit is non-refundable, and missing agreed-upon deadlines will result in monetary penalties.

This is just a reminder, but we are not responsible for items that are lost in the mail. International items especially, sent by default airmail, are not findable in any way if they don't arrive. The postal service has had a good track record with me, but if you are nervous please specifically ask for whatever postal service you are comfortable with, and make absolutely sure your mailing information is correct. Either way, we'll do what we can to help but do not issue lost package refunds.

*Refund/Resell/Delinquent Policy*
We do not accept returns for refund unless there is a serious problem with your outfit/accessory, and this is unlikely as we strive not to send out outfits with serious problems. You are responsible for asking questions about your doll's measurements before purchasing. I will not hold an item for longer than a week; please make sure you are able to pay *before* purchasing.
We do not have a problem with people reselling things they've bought from us. However, we DO have a problem with people reselling our things at gouging prices by claiming they're OOAK if they're not, and if we catch you doing it, we will blacklist you. We want to do our part to keep the selling community fair handed, and do not appreciate misinformation about us.

*Trade List*
There are some things (will update as needed) I am willing to accept in trade for items or item discounts (value for value, but more in buyer's favor), but please don't ask me to trade for random things or commission trades, because I still have to pay cash to outfit collaborators either way.
Of course this is also technically a want-to-buy list. :P

Etsy favorites: (Doll and non-doll stuff)

Tools, etc.

Unopened cans of Mr. Super Clear UV-cut flat or Zoukeimura finishing spray UV-cut
Artetje Camlon Pro 100/0 liner brushes
Fine doll lashes from Vier4D or Nomyens (or equivalents to those)
Luts sculpted head stand (s. delf girl size, normal skin)
Saddle-style sturdy adjustable doll stand, slim mini size
HZ doll stand (any color considerable), SD or mini size
Any Dolls Drug Kingdom Pattern Books
Queer Dream Alice in Wonderland Unoa-based art/pattern book
Other japanese bjd-specific pattern books/mooks considerable
(For local dropoff/pickup): Complete restringing/sueding/wiring of my (mostly Luts Delf) girls
Tiny, sturdy embedded snaps/applier
Japan-style small scale frilled embroidered net laces, cluny laces (by yard, no collar remnants)
Accurate scale fantasy-style findings for clothing (metal filigree components, etc.
Syrinxfox wings (without fluffy tops) considerable
Kingstate (I think) red brocade with dark 'wood' doll couch, found previously at Ross
Volks FU gothic wing chair H2
Volks FU Modern Sofa C2B (black)
1/3 scale ornate/pretty Asian-style furniture (precisely correct scale for 60cm or slim mini girls) - tansus, wedding beds, etc.
One of those darling detailed littlefee dioramas (or one scaled to a larger doll) - basically, all realistic and nicely detailed furniture/backgrounds considerable
1/6 scale Re-Ment "Dreamy American Life" mini food series, full set (not just one box)


Fairyland Minifee Liria outfit (with or without accessories)
Fairyland F60 Sionna Fomhar outfit (or any parts of it, aside from the tail)
Fairyland F60 Lunnula Moonbeams outfit (or any parts of it, including accessories)
Fairyland Littlefee soo dark elf (Evening Primrose) outfit
S&K (Sally and Kitty) Shop (or similar style) Chinese goddess outfits for large or slim mini (not MSD) size girls
Couture No. 18 from SODA (Delf girl or Unoa size)
Various Iplehouse Carved Heritage/FOMA limited outfits/accessories considerable (if they fit nYID girls)
Iplehouse The ELF outfits (Grace, Vera or Aurora, same outfit)
Iplehouse YID girl black snow dress set (or just the skirts)
Iplehouse nYID/SID Serapina dress
Iplehouse SID_Woman Persiana set
Iplehouse nYID girl Scandal set (or just the corset)
Iplehouse nYID/SID Pure fairy set
Iplehouse EID_Woman Lace flare skirt
Iplehouse nYID girl Black Artemis set
Iplehouse nYID girl Black Diamond set (or pieces of it)
Iplehouse SID woman Queen Wing
Iplehouse nYID/SID Evelyn set
Iplehouse nYID/SID girl cape
Iplehouse weapons considerable
SOOM Romantic Dillui cream white outfit set
Anotherspace SD - AJ009 outfit (tattered gray top, long black skirt)
Anotherspace 2 DOA anniversary sd13 girl outfit
Luts 'Ellie' for Mini Fee Girl
Luts Senior Delf Cherry Snow Vamp limited outfit and/or fox mask
Luts Nightmare Set for Delf girl (succubus Clary's outfit) or just top/tutu
Fairyland Fairyline Alicia fullset outfit (or skirt/pants, blushed shoes)
Fairyland Fairyline Momo fullset outfit (or dress)
Fairyland Ria Halloween Witch fullset outfit (or parts of it)
Fairyland Eva Spirit of Willow Tree fullset outfit (or parts of it)
Fairyland Feeple60 Lacrima fullset outfit and/or shoes (blushed shoes)
Musedoll 'La Siesta' Ciel outfit (or dress only)
Musedoll 'Chou chou' outfit
Musedoll 'Petite Diament' dress
Musedoll knit cape for girls
Musedoll 'Antique Dream' - just the overdress
Musedoll 'Lolita Noir 2' - or just the cape, vest, skirt and/or headband
Musedoll Calliope's outfit
Souldoll 'SQI-ZF', 'CBD' or Karin outfits
Dream of Doll Black Shall outfit
Dream of Doll Tender Shall outfit
Dollmore MSD - Celestial Kimono (any color)
Dollmore Model F - Retia Set black or pink (just the over-robe)
Dollmore Model F - TNY0F Long T (black)
Dollmore SD - Line 7 leggings (black)
Iplehouse SID Woman Dark Flow line dress
Nine9Style - sd13 girl Check roll-up shirt (either color)
Nine9Style - sd13 girl safari hood jacket
Nine9Style - sd13 or DD girl shoulder strap short pants (either color)
Nine9Style - sd13 or DD girl culottes (either color)
Nine9Style - sd13 or DD girl pleat skirt (black)
Nine9Style - sd13 girl bootie boots (can someone tell me if these fit Delfs?)
Volks LPP Jade Vine Flora Set
Unoa or SD13 girl sized clothes by Mio considerable
Commission work from top-tier seamstresses considerable (for trade)


Luts SGD-14 Pumps heel for 13/senior girl heel parts (s. beige or black)
Luts DGS-24 hard Metal black (girl)
Leekeworld LS_007 black or white knee high boots
Fairyland MS-11 (Black) Skull heel boots for MiniFee
Fairyland Mini Fee option part high heeled shoes for girl, red
Other shoes that fit fairyland mini fee well (I think most of the Fairyland ones are too big) considerable
Lace-up sandals in large or slim mini doll size - no cork, looking for simple or elaborate fantasy style
SOOM Cass or Galena - blue or red rose sandals (tentative)


Dollmore FL Flower hairband (black)
Orangebabydolly jewelry considerable
Roses by Mone jewelry considerable
Iplehouse vintage brown hip sack
Iplehouse chaos chain vest
SOOM Idelian Elloa's book (painted)
"Baby, my time is your time" jeweled headband (or perhaps similar) from The Atrium jewelry
Pretty hairpins/jewelry from Brighnasa considerable
Horns/antlers/other accessories by Sparrow considerable


Wigs by Amadiz Studio considerable (in new or like new condition)
Any of Leekeworld's new 'Art Wigs' or similar color gradient wigs, 6-7 through 9-10 size, considerable
Crobidoll multicolor wigs, 6-7 through 9-10 size, considerable
Wigs from usagihime (various shapes/colors) considerable (tentative)
Fairyland F60 Lunnula Moonbeams wig
Luts 'DW-47' wig for Delf (pastel silver)
Luts DW-204 (mix silver charcoal grey)
Luts DW-24 (dark violet)
Luts CDW-207 (6-7, supar pink)
Luts DF-227 or CDW-227 (6-7 or 8-9, pink/blue)
Luts DW or KDW-208 (either size, bubble pink)
Luts KDW-80 (high pink blue)
Luts (or similar): Heat resistant fiber wigs - DW211 for Delf (natural black)
Luts (or similar): Heat resistant fiber wigs - DW263 for Delf (charcoal gray)
Luts (or similar): Heat resistant fiber wigs - DW225 for Delf (mermaid blue)
Luts (or similar): Heat resistant fiber wigs - DW226 for Delf (strawberry pink)
Leekeworld LR-039E wig (sizes 6-10 considerable), various colors considerable
Leekeworld LR-037E wig (sizes 6-10 considerable), various colors considerable
Leekeworld LR-035E wig (sizes 6-10 considerable), various colors considerable
Leekeworld LR-031E wig (sizes 6-10 considerable), various colors considerable
Leekeworld LR-029E wig (sizes 6-10 considerable), various colors considerable
Leekeworld LR-027E wig (sizes 6-10 considerable), various colors considerable
Leekeworld LR-022E wig (sizes 6-10 considerable), various colors considerable
Leekeworld LR-014E wig (sizes 6-10 considerable), various colors considerable
Monique Gold Ava, Bubbles, Contessa or Ginger wigs (sizes 6-10 considerable), various colors considerable
Soft black bob wig with bangs, different sizes considerable - no center point cut in bangs, no Luts-style straight fringe, no stiffness, slightly curled ends (customs welcome, can show a drawing upon request)
Cancan/J-Series 8-10 13a white wig (they've changed it so it's more curly and less white now; I want the older, whiter, less curly version)
Any unusual-color/color combination, pretty female wigs I haven't mentioned are also considerable ^^


Mystic Eyes or Gumdrops, low dome, in most sizes in albino colors
Enchanted Doll Sweety Eyes, low dome, in most sizes in most colors considerable
ALL eyes 12-20mm, glass or urethane, and non-huge paperweight, that are colored pupil/uniquely colored/jewel eyes are considerable

Dolls/company parts/Fullsets

Doll Chateau Spider-Sheep (either one, company painted preferred)
Fairyland Minifee dreaming elf Rin head, normal skin
Fairyland Fantasy Art Line Crystal Wings, Clear
Fairyland Fairyline60 Scarlett (or seahorse-mermaid body only), normal or tan skin
Kid Delf Maska Hades Archeron (his staff), blushed
Fairyland Fairyline Sia mermaid version (or mermaid body alone), various skin and tail colors considerable
Fairyland 2014 summer event wings (steampunk wings), blushed preferred, unblushed considerable
Fairyland realFee May head wings (blushed preferred, unblushed considerable)
Fairyland normal skin chicline girl body (and m-neck option piece if possible); both chest sizes considerable, though smaller preferred
Fairyland dreaming Elf Rin (head or matching full doll, small or large bust), normal skin
Fairyland Summer event F60 Elf Soony head, normal skin
Fairyland F60 m-line Celine/Rin weapons (preblushed) or outfits+weapons
Luts Kid Zuzu Delf Corni (company faceup/blushing type A, outfit/wig considerable)
Luts Kid Delf Jamong Centaur or Pegasus (moonlit song) with blushed fantasy parts considerable
Luts Kid Delf Pine (girl, if there's a difference) or Darae heads (normal or tan considerable)
Luts KDF Wing 2
Luts Arquebus (gun) for Delf, painted
Luts Dagger-1 for Delf (under option parts), painted
Luts wing 2-7 (magnetic head wings), painted
Soom Gneiss staff, head wings/snakes
*very tentative* Soom Ender, Monzo, Obsidious (normal or fullset considerable, no faceup needed)
Iplehouse Rexy, Aria or or their heads (some different colors considerable)
Luts Senior Delf Laila or Juniper (heads or full dolls with new SDelf girl bodies(normal or brown skin, small/medium breasts))
Luts Senior Delf Cherry Forgotten Story with blushed wings (or just body+blushed wings) considerable
Luts Delf Ju Hee considerable
CP/Luts Delf Tan Lishe, type 1 body, *no staining/greening/fading* - no faceup needed
Dollzone Anson, new or like-new condition (faceup not required, pre-blushed ones considerable)
Fairyland Pukifee PongPong, normal skin or tan skin
Extra bjd Doll Heads, most types considerable (a bit less so these days, but no harm trying)

Please contact me if you are looking for a trade. Be prepared to tell me the HONEST VALUE of the trade item; there's a good chance I'll credit you more. There is no guarantee that I will agree to the trade, but I'm very open to these offers.


What are these dolls? Where can I get one? Why are they so expensive?
These are Asian ball-jointed dolls from various companies, mostly in Japan and Korea, made from special resins, sturdy, fully articulated, often self-standing and hand cast, and infinitely customizeable. I consider them works of art in and of themselves, and they are loved by people all over the world. The first company to make and market these was Volks in Japan, but since then others have come forward and offer a lot of different options and prices. However, most of these dolls are still pretty expensive, and I would reccommend you get one only if you are ready to accept that and have found one that is right for you. These are not regular fashion or antique dolls; they are not mass-produced; they are quite special.
UPDATE: Nowadays many of these dolls from a number of the different bjd production companies have been illegally recast and sold at a lower price, without the original doll creators' consent. I absolutely do not endorse this practice and do not wish to work on recast dolls; please respect this.

What are 'esthetics'? What's a 'faceup'? What are all these "types" and numbers (SD13, F-21, DES)? Are you spelling any of these words wrong?
A faceup is the bjd community term for a painting or repainting job of a doll face, often coated with sealer and with added doll eyelashes, a cute take on make-up...^^;; 'Esthetics' appears to have become the accepted spelling of the word aesthetics as applied to bjd, and refers to painting, customization and general things that affect the look of one's doll. The numbers refer to specific types of dolls from different companies as their way of differentiating. SD10 and SD13 refer to the two types of standard bodies offered by Volks at this time; the 10 version looks younger and is an earlier version. DES (Luts Dark Elf Soo), MNF (Luts Mini Fee), etc. - Many standard company headmolds and body types get abbreviated to save time.

Where are you selling all these outfits I'm missing??
We have been selling these outfits in the Den of Angels marketplace, but outfit sales will also be listed here from now on, and some omake/sale items and commission examples will probably be exclusive to the website. We can of course be contacted through both avenues for clothing and faceup commissions, though we prefer to handle as much business as possible through email. We may also occasionally sell things on ebay or other sites, and will post notice here when we do.

*UPDATED*:Will you sew for smaller sized dolls/male dolls/specific girl doll/etc?
For now, what we have to model is the CP/LUTS MATURE FEMALE DELF BODY (the girl body isn't much of a stretch, though), FAIRYLAND FEEPLE 70 GIRL body, FAIRYLAND MINI FEE A-LINE GIRL BODY (large and smaller bust sizes) and PIPOSDOLL BAHA (unisex) TAIL-LESS BODY. For different dolls we can make some allowances for fit, depending, but I can vouch that even with measurements, there's a fair chance that clothes made for a doll one doesn't have to model them may not fit, and we are not responsible for a perfect fit on a doll we don't have to model. We're hoping to welcome models of other types some time in the future, and we'll notify you if there are any new doll additions with different bodies (like boys, Super Gem or non-slender minis). Till then, there are a couple of things we can do for those sizes, but we're generally not accepting commissions for them.
Changing or creating a new pattern for a different size doll on an existing outfit may carry an extra charge.

How do commissions work? How much do they cost? What if I want something you've never made?
Commissions work as follows: take a look around in our galleries, where you can see nearly everything unique we've made. Then just send me an email or PM, describing whatever you want from us. YES, we will attempt new things; I'll tell you if it's too involved or the materials aren't available, but we can do a lot more things than we've done as of yet, so don't be shy - it never hurts to ask. For things we've made before simple descriptions are fine (Is it possible to make X outfit, only in X fabric for the skirt and with a black top?). For things we haven't made before, more detail and possible photo/drawing references would be really helpful! I'll reply with a quote on the price (it varies WIDELY) and any questions we have.
I also offer a quick sketch service for $5 per sketch, for people who want me to design something before buying, or who have an idea and want to see it sketched out. This is a separate service; buying the outfit is not required.

Can you copy xxx outfit that you've sold before? Can you copy xxx outfit by someone else? Can you make an outfit you've sold already again, but in different colors/materials?
Depending on what materials we have, we may be able to reproduce an LE outfit we've sold before. It will probably be easier and more interesting to request outfits in different materials, but we do have certain materials in large quantities; just ask. We will not reproduce a doll outfit from a company or another seller; please don't ask. But we can probably try to make a *similar* outfit, depending on what you want. We just don't want to steal anyone's work. Non doll outfit or costume references, though, for cosplay or a general reproduction, are all right. ^-^

Are any of your outfits OOAK? What if I don't want anyone else to be able to order something I ordered? What about faceups?
Faceups are easy; even less 'unique' ones are pretty impossible for me to replicate exactly on another doll. Even if they weren't, I wouldn't do it, though people can ask for similar styles on things. For very distinct tattoos, customers can be confident there will be no absolute reproductions, even more so if it's the owner's design, though there may be future projects in the similar-but-not-same vein.
Clothing-wise, we retain reproduction rights to everything we make, with a few exceptions. We won't reproduce a commission if it's the owner's original verbatim design and the owner requests it in advance for an additional charge (doesn't count if it's taken from a magazine, game, etc. or if I designed it in accordance with your general guidelines, sorry), but this only applies to quite distinct designs and we do retain the right to make similar stuff. Some of our high-end projects end up being OOAK because some part of it was problematic enough that we won't do it again :P and we prefer not to reproduce outfits inspired by companies in the exact same way requested by the first commissioner.
Some examples of the outfits we can't reproduce exactly again for one reason or another: the original Dark Carnival (but you can see we've made variants), Marie Antoinette ice blue dress cosplay, Lavendar Tea Liz inspired outfit, Ebon Queen vampire gown set. We can make similar outfits, or perhaps change fabrics or pieces, etc., depending on the circumstances.

Can I send you fabric to use in my commission?
Generally, sure ^^ Just ask and we can discuss appropriate/useable fabrics, quantity, cost and subsequent discounts, or whether it's something we already have or can very easily source. This is a good way to ensure we're using the right stuff, but some textiles are not workable for us.

Why don't you sell more separate pieces?
We now have an in-progress separates section, for fast information access to some of our most-oft requested separates (if you want something else, though, just ask). We also have our sale section, for things I've picked up from stores or sellers that I need to sell. We do like to deal mostly with full outfits because we feel this is the best way for the transactions to have enough worth for both us and our buyers, because profits get divided and because we like putting together outfits, and they usually end up really cute. ^^ Most of our outfits have the potential to make lots of useful mix and match separates, in any case. Again, ordering a full outfit is NOT required, but we will not split up OOAK featured outfits already for sale.

Can I use pictures from this site on my own site/post? In what instances is it okay? Can you delay posting pics of an outfit so I can have it be a surprise?
Standard procedure re: using our pics - probably. Just let me know first and link back to this site, and do not hotlink the picture; please host it yourself. Do not claim pics (or work) as your own, or use them for moneymaking ventures (unless you're selling the outfit pictured, I suppose). Also, just to cover the obvious, do not edit or paint over any of these pics and claim them as your own just because you edited them.
If it's your unique design, you can request that we delay posting pictures of a commission until you've received it and had a chance to present it, if you care about that sort of thing. Chances are you'll receive it before I have a chance to update, anyway. ^^ We will NOT keep pics of an outfit off the site (or elsewhere) forever, though, we reserve the right to post our own pictures of our work. The delay does not apply to indefinite long periods; no sitting on the outfit for a month before posting it and insisting that we not post as well.

Why do you display a customer identifier (name or nickname) for clothing commissions, and not for faceup commissions? Can I change my identifier or remove it?
When we first began, it was meant to be a bit of proof that the commissions actually had been requested (unnecessary in the case of faceups for obvious reasons). It's probably not necessary at this point, though it's become a tradition. But I want to stress: anyone who is uncomfortable with any part of their name displayed here can contact me and I will remove it or change it. I want to respect the need for privacy that some people may have, regardless of reason. Same with the guest gallery - some of these photos are sent to me, some I find in periodic searches. ANY owner-taken photos an owner doesn't want displayed on this site will be taken down; just ask.

Where can I find out more about these?
Please refer to our links page for some of our favorite doll company sites, as well as some info sites that can tell you more.

Please contact Akiko if you have any more questions that have not been answered on this site. Thanks for looking!

Vitta Vera