Sooo, I got sick again :P this time was the worst, but now I feel back to normal (knock on wood)! Lost about a month to hospital/recuperation/travel, however ^^;; This update I've got new faceups and a tattoo in the faceup gallery and I've gotten an instagram, so if you'd like to follow me I'm Tsuminaki on there, and I can post some interim pics and sales ^^

***Stilllll looking for a reasonably priced wholesale source for coating spray (MSC, Volks ZM powder spray) that's in stock, if anyone has a lead for me! Your help is greatly appreciated! D:

Still waiting on a free moment to ready my Piposdoll Baha for sale, but if anyone's interested (in buying or trading) off the bat, let me know! Also, my pristine Senior Delf Azure is still available! Partial trades for things on my wishlist are considerable.

Check out the heavily discounted comics/manga/artbooks and clothing and sccessories livejournal personal garage sales, if interested! I will combine shipping with doll stuff :)

Commission slots presently open for clothing and faceups. Please do not hotlink pictures from this site. All photos, designs, creations, etc. within, unless otherwise specified, are copyright © 2018 Akiko Smith.

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